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CSA Philosophy

What it's all about!

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a unique food distribution system that weaves the farmer and community of eaters together in an intricate seasonal food web. In the book Farms of Tomorrow Revisted: Community Supported Farms, Farm Supported Communities, the authors stated "CSA is not just a clever, new approach to marketing for farmers. Rather, community farming is about the necessary renewal of agriculture through its healthy linkage with the human community that depends on farming for survival."

We took these words to heart and in 1995 took on our first few members. It has been 20+ fruitful years and we have seen our CSA family grow and mature.

So, how does it work? 

Individuals purchase a "share" of the farm's anticipated harvest before the farm season begins, and in return receive a selection of produce as it becomes available during the growing season. CSA is an intimate relationship between you and the farmer. All of our winter plans, spring labors and summer and autumn harvests are based on providing you and your family the healthiest, most diverse, and abundant eating experience possible.

Oh, and did we mention that it tastes better too!

Joining a CSA is a bit of a leap in faith and is definitely a seasonal cooking and eating adventure. Inside your share, you will find a wide range of produce, all harvested at their ripest, best tasting, and highest level of nutrition. And you'll also receive our newsletter, More Than Good Eats, filled with news about the farm from Landis' unique point of view! 

Shared Risk - Shared Reward.

CSA is a unique relationship between you and your family farmer. We strive to bring you a beautiful and bountiful box each week. We do our best to provide what is promised and shareholders in turn agree to understand that Nature is full of both blessings and mischief. In short, there are times when the production of certain crops is plain out of our hands, whether from a late frost, a freak hail storm, drought or flood.

Joining Hermit Creek Farm is about making a choice to live and eat healthier; it's about making a commitment to paying a fair price for the labor and knowledge of the farmers who feed you; it's about choosing cleaner water, healthier soils, cleaner air, and fewer toxins in the environment for those that grow your food and for everyone living downstream.

Still not sure?

Take a look at  Frequently Asked Questions and Tips for CSA Members and check out this short video to learn more about Community Supported Agriculture. 


We're excited to be your family farmer!

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What's up at Hermit Creek?

 CSA Sign-up Is Now Open.


Although winters long nights and short days envelope Hermit Creek Farm, we are already busy making plans for the season to come. Join us today!  
















We believe in the old adage, "you are what you eat!" and besides our belief in organic food being healthier for you, it's also healthier for your farmer and the land.










At Hermit Creek, we're serious about how we farm, we're serious about our health, and we're serious about your health as well. Certified organic, it's simply plain old common sense.