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CSA Share Options

Whole Diet Shares

Our goal has always been to provide a healthy diet year-round. Each delivery includes a mix of 8 to 14 different fresh produce items plus bi-weekly cheese from our friends at Sassy Nanny Dairy & Happy Hollow Creamery and regionally sourced organic eggs. 

  • The Whole Diet - 4 seasons, delivered weekly spring thru fall, then once per month during the winter; 29 deliveries of local, seasonal eating including local cheese and organic eggs. SOLD OUT $1,280 
  • Every-Other-Week (EOW) Whole Diet - All 4 seasons, same good stuff, only every-other-week spring through fall, then once per month for the winter totaling 17 deliveries. SOLD OUT $925

Classic CSA Shares

A mix of the freshest organic produce of the season, harvested at the peak of flavor and delivered either weekly or every-other-week. Each box comes with a hearty portion of 7 to 14 different crops.

  • Spring Share - 3 weekly deliveries, late May to mid-June. SOLD OUT $110
  • Summer Share - mid-June thru September for 17 weekly deliveries. SOLD OUT $550
  • EOW Summer Share - Mid-June thru September on an every-other-week schedule, 9 deliveries in all. SOLD OUT $300
  • Fall Share - October thru mid-November deliveries for 5 weeksSOLD OUT $160
  • EOW Fall Share - 3 deliveries, every-other-week. SOLD OUT $100
  • Winter Share - December thru March, 4 deliveries the first week of each month. SOLD OUT $180
  • The Works! - All 4 seasons rolled into one, weekly spring thru fall, then monthly for the winter, 29 deliveries in all with savings for you. SOLD OUT $980
  • The Works EOW - All 4 seasons every-other-week spring thru fall, then monthly for the winter, 17 deliveries with savings for you. SOLD OUT $675

Flex-Plan CSA Share

Our classic CSA share available when you want it. You pick the days you wish to receive a box (available from our summer & fall share seasons) and we deliver! Perfect for those planning to travel or simply wanting to give CSA a trial run. SOLD OUT

  • 6 Box Plan - Our Classic CSA Share delivered on 6 dates of your choosing between June 13 and November 8. $225
  • 12 Box Plan - Our Classic CSA Share delivered on 12 dates of your choosing between June 13 and November 8. $425

Pastured Meat Shares

  • Pastured Pork Share - A 25+ lb. share includes a selection of chops, roasts, ground, cured bacon, and more, fresh frozen, labeled, and vacuum-packed to assure quality. Typically available in mid-November, delivery to Ashland and Duluth-Superior (sorry but no Minocqua delivery for pork)SOLD OUT $160
  • Pastured Lamb ShareComing Soon! We hope offer limited lamb shares this coming fall. Share size and price to be determined.

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Notes from the Farm KitchenOctober 17th, 2017

Greetings, welcome to Notes From the Farm Kitchen, a mostly weekly gathering of news, tidbits, recipes, and other good stuff from Hermit Creek Farm. The format is informal, we'll add as we go, just sc

CSA Share OptionsOctober 11th, 2017

Whole Diet Shares Our goal has always been to provide a healthy diet year-round. Each delivery includes a mix of 8 to 14 different fresh produce items plus bi-weekly cheese from our friends at Sa

Sheep on PastureJanuary 3rd, 2017

Way back in the mid-1980's, when Hermit Creek Farm was a far off dream and we were looking for land, we planned on raising sheep. It seemed a natural fit. Landis spun wool and knitted. Steven grew up

What's up at Hermit Creek?


Where has the time gone? Seems like the seasons just keep rolling along; one day you're busy getting started in the greenhouse on a cold February morning and the next it's October with orange leaves swirling around our ankles as we wrap up harvest! 


The HCF pups out enjoying a beautiful October afternoon.


 It may be mid-October but we're still harvesting some amazing peppers!














We believe in the old adage, "you are what you eat!" and besides our belief in organic food being healthier for you, it's also healthier for your farmer and the land.










At Hermit Creek, we're serious about how we farm, we're serious about our health, and we're serious about your health as well. Certified organic, it's simply plain old common sense.