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Frequently Asked ?'s

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about our CSA.

What is your CSA's season?

Depending on your share choice(s), our CSA begins in mid-June and continues through early March with our winter share.

How many people does a share feed?

The true answer to this question likely depends on you and your eating habits! Your HCF farmers, Landis and Steven, likely eat 2+ shares weekly, but then again, we're working a hard physical job. Not sure? Start slow with a EOW or Flex Plan share. 

Do you offer "half shares"?

Yes and no! We do not offer a typical half share, that is our standard share simply cut in half. Instead, we offer an "every-other-week" share; our standard share delivered every other week.

What is seasonal eating?

Take a trip down a typical supermarket produce section and you will find every conceivable fruit and veggie year-round.  This seeming bonanza of surplus is so commonplace today that most folks no longer know what seasonal eating is all about.  As a CSA member, you will reconnect with the yearly cycles of food: succulent spring greens; juicy ripe strawberries in June; tomatoes, sweet corn and cukes at the height of summer, and crisp apples and winter squash come fall. That doesn't mean that we don't push our northern season as hard as we can with varieties and appropriate technology.  We do believe seasonal eating is eating with a sense of place and time.

I'm not sure I'll like everything you grow?

Try our Summer Choice Share where you get to choose what goes into your CSA share on a weekly basis (depending of course on what's in season).

Do you grow everything offered in your CSA share?

We grow all of the veggies and most of the fruit found in our shares. The pork is raised on our farm from the time the hogs are about 30 pounds until their butcher date (we purchase young pigs from our friends at Lob Pine Farm). Our lamb is fully raised on the farm. We do source certain items that we do not grow ourselves including (when available) certified organic cranberries from Reusch Century Farm in Wisconsin Rapids and certified organic blueberries and raspberries from Bashaw Valley Farm in Spooner, WI. We believe the key to including products from other area farms is transparency; that is, we identify just who the producer is and how they produce it.    

Do you offer special payment plans?

We know that paying in a single lump sum for your CSA share can be a budget constraint, so we offer several payment options to suit your needs.  Pay in full with a single check (this is the best option for us if you can swing it). Pay in two installments, sending two checks, one made out with today's date and half the payment and a second check dated August 1 with the remainder (we deposit that second check after the first of August).  Or choose an extended payment option.

Is there a deadline for signing up?

No, we do not have a specific deadline. We do sell out of some share types and at some point, cut sales off so sign up early. For those folks who miss the cut-off date we do have a waiting list.

Where do you deliver?

HCF has the widest CSA delivery system in the western Lake Superior region with drop-off sites ranging from Duluth, MN to High Bridge, WI and many points in-between including Superior, Ashland, Washburn, Bayfield, Mason, Iron River, High Bridge, and Glidden.

I don't see a delivery site near me?

We are continually assessing new delivery sites. Give us a call or email if you don't live near one of our current delivery points and we will work with you at creating one if at all possible. We also deliver some shares to sites not listed so again, please ask.

Will you deliver to a private business location for employees?

Yes. We are keenly interested in working with and developing partnerships other local businesses. This can include speaking to your group and/or developing an employee-only drop site at your place of business.

Do you speak or present about your farm at outside functions?

Yes, we often give presentations about CSA's in general and about our farm specifically at such functions as health and wellness fairs, wellness groups at businesses, service clubs or associations (Lions, Rotary, etc.). We'll even present at private house parties if you agree to host interested friends and family.

What if I can't pick my share up at the arranged time or I simply forgot? 

We ask our members to be prompt in picking up their shares. Our drop sites graciously offer their space for delivery of your veggies and it is not their responsibility to safeguard or store your CSA share. If you can not pick your share up the day of delivery, we ask that you arrange to have a friend pick it up or make arrangements with the drop site to hold it for you. If you simply forgot to pick it up, check the drop site, it might still be there. The drop sites have permission to dispose of the share as they see fit once its clear you're not picking it up, so again, be prompt (your veggies will be fresher as well).

Forgotten shares are your responsibility and we do not offer make up boxes if you simply didn't pick your share up in a timely manner. We plant, grow, and harvest veggies with weekly CSA deliveries in mind and do not have the capacity to conjure up extra product very time someone forgets to pick up a share. A good illustration is if all of our CSA members forgot one share during the season and we replaced it free of charge, it would cost the farm $1000's annually, an expense we could not long endure and stay a viable business! Picking up your share is your part of the CSA equation.

I'm going on vacation! What should I do with my share? 

Everyone deserves a vacation and you shouldn't have to give up your CSA share to take one. If we know far enough in advance (at least a week out), we can arrange to deliver your missed share on your first scheduled delivery day following your return. Or arrange to have a friend pick your share up. Also check out our Flex Plan Shares!

I'm at my drop site and I don't have a share!

This happens from time to time (hopefully never but it does!). First, check the drop site delivery sheet. If your name is not on the sheet, you might be there on the wrong delivery day (that is if you are an every-other-week member). Your name is on the sheet but still no box? It could be that another person picked up a share on the wrong day or that we had a snafu in the packing house (accidents do happen). No name on the sheet but you're sure you have a box coming? Don't simply take a share, we pack each delivery to order using that sheet (likely a clerical error on our part). Taking a share will only compound the mishap! Please give us a call, text, or email and we will sort it out and get a share to you.

Do you have additional questions regarding CSA? Let us know and we'll add them here. Thanks.

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