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Why We Pasture Hogs?

 Raising hogs in the age of confinement!

We appreciate being able to make informed decisions about our food choices and want to afford you the same opportunity. We raise our hogs on certified organic rotational pasture, organic forage that we grow, organic grain, and garden culls to help round out their diverse diet.

A great deal of information has come to the forefront that has begun to uncover the uncomfortable and often times horrifying realities of the American food production system. Most pork found in the market today is raised in a system known as CAFO (Confined Animal Feeding Operation). Although highly efficient in an industrial sort of way, it is a grossly inhumane way to treat animals, not to mention the potential problems for waste treatment, disease build-up, and contamination of our food chain. Click to take a look at a CAFO hog opertaion. It's not a pretty picture and there are far better ways to produce our food including this heartening video from the Rodale Institute which reaffirms how we've been raising hogs for over a decade now. 

Hermit Creek hogs on pasture grown just for them

Our hogs come to us as 30 pound feeders from a friends' Bayfield County farm and are known for their friendliness, vigor, and flavor. Our goal is to raise our animals humanely, cleanly, and to give them the benefit of a low-stress life; that is we want them to attain their true "piggyness".

At Hermit Creek, our hogs eat a wholesome, rich, diverse diet in minerals and nutrients and they root to their hearts content on pastures managed just for them. They are moved onto newly planted ground every week or two and thrive on a mix of oats, peas, buckwheat, clovers, barley, millet, and more.

Infinitely curious, hogs experience the world through their snouts!

Pigs are infinitely curious animals and experience much of their world through their snouts...to a pig, everything is food unless proven otherwise! They are relentless explorers and spend nearly all their waking moments on the move, plowing through whatever's in their way. Such is the habit of a pig. They are also very friendly, gregarious, and social and especially enjoy a good scratch behind their ears!

Our hogs do not receive antibiotics because they don't need them, they don't get sick! Recent research indicates that meat from animals raised on a predominately grass-fed diet, including hogs, is lower in saturated fats and higher in linoleic acid, Omega-3's and vitamin E, all good things for you. And since everything is kept at an appropriate scale, we are able to grow most of their food right here on the farm. So too, their waste stays right here on the land where it fertilizes future veggie crop ground. There are no environmental dilemmas and it all kind of makes sense this way.

Checking out new pasture! 

We process our hogs at Crescent Meats, a small-scale, family-owned meat processing facility in Cadott, WI that is both state and USDA inspected. The finished meat is vacuum sealed and flash frozen to preserve freshness, then delivered to you.

Hogs play an integral role on our farm and they're just plain fun to have around.  An old farmer-mentor once told us that every farm worth its salt has a few hogs around! We believe you will notice the great taste and will feel good about your choice to support a different kind of food system.

Our hogs are happy!


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We believe in the old adage, "you are what you eat!" and besides our belief in organic food being healthier for you, it's also healthier for your farmer and the land.










At Hermit Creek, we're serious about how we farm, we're serious about our health, and we're serious about your health as well. Certified organic, it's simply plain old common sense.